My name is Giacomo Occhi, I am 28 years old, and I define myself as a comic-poetic actor. I like describing the reality around me with great levity.

I began performing in public when I was very young, as a juggler, at the Little School of Circus in Milan.

During my studies, my great passion for art pushed me to take numerous courses and workshops in theatre and cinema (Paolo Grassi School, Carcano Theatre, Franco Parenti Theatre, and the Amateur Dramatics Theater Milan).

After graduating from classical high school, I attended an internship at La Scala in Milan and studied at the Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Nico Pepe in Udine.

In 2020 I specialized as an expert operator in the techniques and languages of puppetry (Animateria course). I am currently enrolled in the course of Advanced training in theatrical pedagogy and education in theatricality at the CTA in Milan.

I have decided to make theatre my profession. I work both in the theatrical field and at street festivals and events, putting on shows for entertainment.

I write and interpret my theatrical performances (The Twelve Capital Defects, Stationary Revolution, Mario Poppins) alongside which I am a singer-songwriter (three singles released and an album “Rivoluzione Stazionaria” with the band Le Situazioni KafkianeĀ ).

I also often work with children through organized theatre courses or as an entertainer with dedicated shows.

My creativity is stimulated by everyday experiences that inspire new ways of expressing reality from unconventional and original points of view.

In 2017 I participated in Italia’s Got Talent, presenting a human version of YouTube, and thanks to this exhibition, I gained international visibility, which has led me to work in Spain, Germany, England, Romania, and France over the last few years.

With the show “Human YouTube” I collaborated with Lorenzo Jovanotti and was a regular guest at the “Jova Pop Shop” in Milan.

I am currently working on some new projects; I have dedicated myself to the creation of my new theatre show, and my head is full of new ideas just waiting to take on shape and life.

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