Human YouTube

Imagine watching a YouTube playlist, but live. It’s mime, theater, and music in a mix of irony, fun, and madness.


Happy Burst-Day

An ironic and poetic story, real and surreal, without words, about the special life of an ordinary balloon.


La cucina di Otto Strudel

Otto Strudel’s Kitchen

Otto Strudel, the world’s largest German cook, is ready to cook for all children!


Homage to Giorgio Gaber (only in Italian)

A sincere tribute to Mr. G: fragments of thoughts, words, and songs of the unforgettable Giorgio Gaber.

With Giacomo Occhi
Bruna Di Virgilio at the piano

Mario Poppins (only in Italian)

A young professional actor, forced into his first role as… the babysitter, and willing to work out of passion and… for extra cash!

With Giacomo Occhi
Andrea Errera on the guitar
Jacopo Soler on the flute

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