Happy Burst-Day

di e con Giacomo Occhi

The life of a balloon passes in the same way, day after day. Nothing really fills it. Until at a certain point, it swells with love: a great change that will lead it to fully experience what life has in store for it. An ironic and poetic story, real and surreal, without words, about the special life of an ordinary balloon. Puppetry theater for all audiences ages 6 and up.


Genre: Puppetry
20 minutes (First run)
all audiences ages 6 and up
no words
Performance Space: 
3 m x 3 m
standalone stereo for small and medium places
Special requirements: 
A dark place with a theatrical atmosphere is required. Possibility for outdoor performance if in an enclosed spaces
Set up Time: 
30 minutes
Dismantling Time: 
15 minutes

If you are interested in this show, Contact me

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