Human Youtube

By and With Giacomo Occhi

Imagine watching a YouTube playlist, but live. Giacomo, playing with fake advertisements, speed, quality, and all the settings of the famous platform, gives life to original “videos” interpreting singers and characters of the show. Its mime, theater, and music in a mix of irony, fun, and madness.

Over the years the show has participated in numerous festivals: Santa Sofia Buskers Festival, Ferrara Buskers Festival, Arona’s Theatre on the Water, Ostuni Festival, Bascherdeis Vernasca, Gaber Viareggio Festival, Foggia Festival, Jova Pop Shop, Saltiinpiazza Viarigi, Ratataplan Lessona, Circonferenze Rho, Teglio theatre Festival Valtellina, Review of Mondovì, and “Come d’incanto” Ardesio.


Genre: visual comedy, mime
Duration: 25 minutes
Audience: all audiences ages
Language: Italian, english
Performance Space: 3 m x 3 m possibility for indoor and outdoor performance
Audio: standalone stereo for small and medium places
Set up Time: 80 minutes
Dismantling Time: 60 minutes

If you are interested in this show, Contact me

Human Youtube at Italia’s Got Talent

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